Knolly Nibbles - A Tale of Tails
Animated Storybook App

Knolly Nibbles was born from the heart of her creator, Michele Goren. In this fun animated app, Lagoon Black Studios brought this children's book to life with feature film quality animation.


  • Watch the Full animated adaptation of the story within the app
  • Groundbreaking use of Feature Film Quality Animation
  • A visual table of contents that’s simple enough for our youngest users
  • Beautiful Animation and Locations around Nibbleville
  • You can touch each word adding an educational aspect to the fun.
  • Animation can be replayed with a page
  • Lots of expensive beautiful animation
  • Knolly will make you laugh
  • Knolly will make you cry
  • Knolly will make you want to hug your friends and family
  • Reading has never been so visual, fun and entertaining

App Screenshots

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What People Are Saying About The App


"This app, like Knolly Nibbles is amazing! Bright, colorful graphics, lively, eye-catching animation, fun, and appealing voices. This is the whole package, the real deal! The best part is the messages Knolly Nibbles brings to life in this animated app. What a fantastic app for our children and the young at heart. So good to see such love and positivity!! Bravo Knolly Nibbles!!"

Bob S

"I watched this 3 times in a row with my 3-year-old grandson yesterday. He loves it! He already knows how to turn the pages and replay the action. We were also able to talk about how God makes us each different and that's OK. It's well worth the $2.99 (introductory price) :)"

Susaye G

"Knolly Fan Forever. I am delighted to have found Knolly Nibbles, who is one of the sweetest and most empowering characters to have come along in a great while. Knolly teaches us all to love our uniqueness and to be ourselves. I know my grandkids will find out how special we all are from Knolly. Greatly needed in these times."


"What a Great APP and message! What an adorable story and little mouse! Knolly is Sooooo cute! I hope to see more soon!"


"Amazing Animation And Wonderful Story. Simply the best animated storybook available. Wonderful story who will awe and inspire."

Laurie F

"I bought this app for my granddaughter, she loves it!!!"

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